Greeting from Headmater


Headmaster   Ryu Oishi

  Welcome to our school web site. We hope it provides a flavour of our school, although we know this can never provide a full picture. For that you need to visit, talk to our children and meet our staff. We believe these will provide a compelling picture of the school, its strengths and ambition for the future. Our ambition is to provide an outstanding education so that every child reaches their full potential and progresses successfully into adult life.

  The school became the first public junior high school in the city of Machida in 1947. It soon became one of the largest schools in Tokyo, attracting students from all over Machida. Nearly 70 years have passed since then. During our history, it is true that we have had some troublesome times when mindless acts of vandalism spread wide throughout the country. But now the atmosphere here has been completely changed. In recent years students here have been particularly happy and balanced.€We have succeeded in combining academic excellence with an outstanding range of opportunities beyond the classroom and provide excellent care.€We continue in our aim to produce young people who will go on to be leaders in their chosen professions and be a good influence in the future.

€  At Sakai you will find: high expectations from students; teachers who are enthusiastic about their subject; the best quality facilities; a good level of discipline; and care for every individual.

  We hope you will wish to visit our school and see for yourself.

                                                      Ryu Oishi


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